The Range at Fenelton Firearms is now open!

Buy any pistol from Fenelton Firearms and get 1 free half hour of range time with purchase of ammunition.



  • We offer 10 indoor lanes
  • Our lanes have a shooting distance of 50 feet (standard NRA pistol and .22 distance).
  • We always have at least one NRA certified Range Safety Officer on duty.
  • Classes available through our certified in house instructors, as well as private instruction in the near future.

Range Rates

  • 1/2 hour for 1 person is $8
  • 1/2 hour for 2 people is $10 (sharing a lane)
  • 1 hour for 1 person is $12.50
  • 1 hour for 2 people is $15 (sharing a lane)
  • Private instruction is $40.00 per hour (includes range time)


  • Annual Membership
    • Good for unlimited shooting for one calendar year
    • Annual members may shoot in 1 hour increments
    • Cost: $225 +$5 membership card
  • Monthly Membership
    • Good for unlimited shooting for one month
    • Monthly members may shoot in 1 hour increments
    • Cost: $35 +$5 membership card
  • Annual Family Membership
    • Good for 2 adults and 2 children between the ages of 12-18
    • This allows 2 people to share one lane at a time
    • Annual family members may shoot in 1 hour increments
    • Cost: $350 per year

** Membership holders may bring one guest to share their lane with them. The cost per guest is $5 per half hour, or $7.50/hour.

** Lost or stolen membership cards incur a $5 replacement fee

Gun Rentals

  • We have over 20 guns in our rental inventory that range customers may rent.
  • Rental time is 1 hour
  • Cost: $10 per gun

Try Before You Buy

  • If a customer chooses to try a firearm prior to purchase and decides to buy that firearm from Fenelton Firearms the $10.00 fee will be waived. The customer just has to purchase the ammunition they use for the rental gun(s). Customers may try up to 3 firearms of the same caliber for this so they can get a comparison of several different options.


Safety Equipment Rentals:

We offer shooting glasses and ear muffs for rent for $1 each, but guests are certainly permitted and encouraged to bring their own.

Ammunition Policy:

Due to insurance regulations all ammunition used in the range must be purchased from the range. We are selling all range ammunition at very competitive pricing for instance (as of 7-12-18) a box of Blazer Brass 9mm ammo is $10.99/box). We are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible.

Range Rules:

We ask that everyone that plans to visit our range familiarize themselves with the following rules. Our number one priority is to provide a safe and comfortable shooting environment for all of our guests regardless of their skill level.


General Rules for the Range at Fenelton Firearm


All shooters must watch the safety video (at least once) and sign a waiver stating that they understand the range rules and agree to abide by all of the rules. Shooters must also sign a waiver releasing the Range at Fenelton Firearms from any liability due to negligence on the part of the shooter.


Gun Handling Rules


Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and outside the trigger guard until the command “Commence Firing” has been given. In our range there will not typically be a “commence firing” command given since shooters will be rotating in and out of the range. However, the rule of keeping your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to fire in a safe direction will be strictly enforced.


Always keep the action open and firearm unloaded until ready to use.


Know your target and what is beyond it.


Shoot your target only. Do not fire across other lanes!


Be sure the gun is safe to operate. If in doubt, take the gun to a licensed gunsmith to have them evaluate it. The staff will be happy to recommend a licensed gunsmith(s).


Know how to use the gun safely! If you are not sure how to safely operate your firearm, we will be offering classes to teach proper firearm use.


Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. When at the range with more than one firearm, use one at a time and when finished, store that ammunition and firearm before using the next one.


Wear ear and eye protection at all time when in the range. We recommend foam ear plugs as well as ear muffs.


Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting!


Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.


Be aware that certain types of guns and shooting activities require additional safety precautions.


General Range Rules


Know and obey all range commands.


Know where others are at all times.


Shoot only at authorized targets.


Maintain the proper target height to ensure that all projectiles pass through the target and hit the desired portion of the backstop. Use the target holders provided for each lane and authorized targets to achieve this.


Designate a Range Safety Officer when none is present or assigned.


Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and ground and/or bench all firearms during a cease-fire.


DO NOT handle any firearm or stand at the firing line when firearms are present while others are down range.


Always keep the muzzle pointed at the backstop. Never allow the muzzle to point in any direction whereby an inadvertent discharge would allow the escape of a projectile into an outer area.


Specific Range Rules for the Range at Fenelton Firearms


All shooters must watch the safety video.


All shooters must review and understand the range rules.


All shooters must sign the provided waiver and release.


All shooters and observers must wear ear and eye protection at all times when inside the firing range.


All firearms must remain unloaded except on the firing line.


Firearms must always be pointed down range at all times.


No more than 2 people may occupy one lane. Only one person may be shooting at a time in each lane.


Shooters are NOT permitted to draw their firearm from a holster. If a firearm enters the range in its holster, it must stay holstered.


All shooters must obey the Range Safety Officer and all range commands at all times.


No one may cross the firing line for any reason at any time. If you drop something in front of the firing line, contact a range employee to retrieve the item for you.


Absolutely no alcohol or drug use permitted prior to or during the use of the range. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol by our employees will be barred from using the range. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Do not bring a firearm with a malfunction or stoppage away from the firing line. Leave the firearm at the firing line with the muzzle safely pointed down range with the magazine removed and the action open (if possible) and contact a range employee for help.


Permitted calibers: Handguns chambered in calibers up to and including .44 Remington Magnum can be fired in the range. Rifles and carbines chambered in  .22LR, .380ACP, 9x19mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45ACP. *Ammunition not purchased from the Range at Fenelton Firearms is prohibited.*


All ammunition must be purchased from the Range at Fenelton Firearms to ensure that all ammunition fired within the range is new factory ammunition. Insurance regulations mandate that all ammunition fired within the facility is factory new ammunition.


Shooters may only fire one firearm at a time.


Shooters may NOT shoot across lanes. Fire at your target only.


Do not shoot the ceiling, walls, floor, target retrieval carrier, or target retrieval cable. Shoot downrange at your backstop only. Keep targets at eye level to ensure that your projectiles go in safe direction. *Damage to range equipment will result in repair costs for the shooter.*


You may collect YOUR spent brass from YOUR shooting stall only. You may not retrieve any brass that falls in front of the firing line.


Children must be at least 12 years old to use the range. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 21 years of age.


Children must be under the supervision of their parent or guardian at all times both inside and outside of the range.  Parents and guardians are responsible for children at all times.


Range personnel retain the right to dismiss anyone from the premises without refund if an individual is observed handling firearms in an unsafe manner, not following the rules and regulations stated, or if an individual is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.


Shooting from the hip or any other unorthodox shooting techniques are prohibited. Shooters must use proper aiming techniques.


Do not disassemble or attempt to repair any rental guns. If there is an issue with a rental gun, contact a range employee.


Only load the gun with the number of rounds you intend to fire at once.


Shooters cannot hand a loaded firearm to another shooter, even on the firing line. When handling a firearm from one shooter to another, the firearm must be unloaded with the magazine out and action open.


When a ceasefire is called, stop firing immediately. Unload your firearm and remove the magazine and open the action on the shooting bench. At this time step, back from the firing line and await further instructions from the Range Safety Officer.


Bump firing, binary triggers, or other devices used to mimic full-auto firing are prohibited.


All firearms must be unloaded and cased when entering and exiting the premises. This does not apply to licensed concealed carry permit holders and their properly holstered firearm(s).


Do not place any live ammunition in the garbage or throw it on the range. Discard it in the provided ammo can in your respective bay.


No food, drinks, tobacco, or vaping devices permitted in the range.


Open toed shoes are prohibited in the range area.


Due to the fact that there is lead/lead dust present in the range, we advise pregnant women against entering the range.


All shooters must be physically capable of safely handling firearms and tolerating the recoil of firearms in use by the individual.


No BB guns or pellet guns.


Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of shooting privileges without a refund, and could also result in a ban from future range use.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at 724-283-0074 or 724-283-0075, or message us on Facebook.